Sunday, February 03, 2008

happy Sunday, Austin-style

unfortunately, I am doing work. that is the only bad part of this post. the good part? it's 70-something degrees in February. I am wearing shorts and flip-flops, and my toes are painted dark pink. I am sitting at Jo's Coffee across the street from my apartment. there is live music including a rather snazzy accordian (who knew accordians could be so snazzy?) playing in the background. the accordian looks kinda like Alton Brown's second cousin, which makes me like him even more. the place is packed but not uncomfortably so. tattooed hipsters with ironic sunglasses are sharing seats with gray-haired newspaper readers and people with beer bellies drinking cold Negra Modelo beers. dogs are barking to each other. I am sipping an iced decaf coffee and watching the passersby. everyone is tapping their toes. everyone is polite: "excuse me, is this chair taken?" and "would you please watch my bag while I use the restroom?" and appreciative applause after every song. there is a cute little baby with pigtails sitting next to me.

so if this is my background as I am catching up on a few things I have to write for work, I really can't complain...


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Paula said...

I wish i were there with you. It's -13 deg F in toronto today.. yuck.


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