Sunday, January 20, 2008

am I boring?

(continuing in the vein of new year pensive-ness)

I met a new person this wknd, a friend of a friend who is considering a move to ye olde Austin Tejas and is taking a few weeks to consider his decision before moving his life halfway across the country. (by the way, I think that if I took the time to consider big decisions like this properly I would never get ANYthing done because I would come up with a zillion ways to talk myself out of something.)

it was a brilliantly sunny day, and we wandered around downtown Austin and eventually stumbled upon a cozy coffee shop complete with a beat-up upright piano that had a sign advising people that they are welcome to play the piano but if they are not particularly talented they should think about that fact before they subject other coffee-drinkers to their piano playing. I found this really amusing.

anyway, so we're doing the usual get-to-know-you chatting... where did you grow up... what did you study in college... what kind of work do you do... what do you like to do outside of work... etc. I filled him on some of the random things about me -- I used to be a classical pianist and even used to teach piano back in DC, I love traveling and just spent a few weeks in Paris/French Alps, I used to do a lot of singing in college, I love reading, I like jogging on the lake, I work a lot, I like to pretend that I am a good cook, blah blah blah. he seemed to be intrigued by my hobbies and even made the comment at one point that I was "impressive" (whatever that means).

and that's when it hit me. most of these things are things I USED to do. I USED to teach piano in DC. I USED to volunteer in DC. I USED to do more singing in DC. I USED to go to more museums in DC (it helped that DC actually had a lot of good museums). I USED to speak pretty decent French.

now? um. now I work. I travel for work. I squeeze in the occasional vacation. I go out with my friends. I go to bars, eat out at restaurants, go jogging in Austin. I still read a lot, and I watch TV sometimes. sometimes I go karaoke-ing with friends.

and... that's about it.

the more I think about it, the more I feel that I've become really one-dimensional since moving to Austin. work is really my main story; beyond that, I don't do much beyond the typical hang-with-friends, sleep in late on the wknds, work out, hang out, bum around routine of typical 20-somethings.

and... I don't know. I don't think that's okay with me. I should do more! join a book club! take French classes again! train for a marathon! volunteer! learn a new hobby, like photography or painting or something! right? I mean, yes, this is the stage of my life where I can really be selfish and focus on my career, but surely I can make time for other activities? hobbies? passions? interests?

then the lazy side of me kicks in. but... but... I have a demanding job. where would I find the energy for other activities? but... but... I couldn't even keep a fish alive! what volunteer program would trust me? but... but... I looked into some cover bands and couldn't meet the time commitment. but... but... I LIKE sleeping in on the wknds.

it may be time to do something about this, y'all.


At 11:29 AM, Blogger L Sass said...

I need to have fewer hobbies. I don't think it's a bad idea to just relax on the weekend. My hobbies / training / whatever sometimes just turn in to another thing to check off my list!


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