Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dude, I'm so over it

the whole "make shit happen" plan? the one where I decide to stop living life so passively and start going after things that I want to achieve?

yeah, it's kinda lame.

I decided to FINALLY bite the bullet and sign up for a GMAT prep class. I'm making shit happen! I'm paying a shit ton of $ to take a stupid test and get me some fancy edumacation! I'm shockingly okay with this! it's a free (well, super expensive) ticket out of Austin (which I like, so why am I leaving?) and into Paris (provided I actually get into school, that is)!

being the lazy 21st-century shopper that I am, I signed up for everything online and figured I'd just show up to class this Thursday. no fuss, no muss -- right? yayyy me! way to Make Shit Happen!

...except that I got a phone call from the center today telling me that there wasn't enough interest in this specific class (I had tried to be all bad-ass and signed up for an advanced class), so they were going to have to either refund my $ or switch me into a regular class (which doesn't start for another month).

ugh. must keep my resolve to keep Making Shit Happen, but do they have to make it so inconvenient?


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't you take the test once already?

About the prior post, I've found that adding cool, fun stuff to your life only supplants kind-of wasteful stuff and you're happier for it. Go do something fun!!!

At 3:41 PM, Blogger L Sass said...

Sign up for the regular class! Make shit happen, cause b-school is what all the cool kids do.

(Actually, not true. If they only let in cool kids, I SO would not be going.)

At 4:05 PM, Anonymous erica said...

your plan is not lame, your fellow GMATers are. i mean, why aren't more of these kids signing up for the advanced class?

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Raymond said...

hey, dont know if you've ever seen this page, but you might want to check out www.xanga.com/koreancooking. A lot of cool recipes to help you get started on your plan!

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Shambhu said...

"the sadness that I am no longer in Paris"-I having this printed on a tee-shirt.


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