Thursday, August 03, 2006

bite me blogger

apologies for my recent lack of updates, but i'm finally back in austin and was all ready to share my most recent adventures with you all in the form of a particularly hilarious photo essay / visual apt tour... but blogger has decided to be an annoying little bitch and not upload the pics i had wanted to share.

so. text it is, along with the two pics that decided not to be annoying little bitches and actually upload.

fri night i decided i to make it a bridget jones night (sort of like a blockbuster night, but with more emphasis on wine than on popcorn). it had been a long, tiring week, the majority of which had been spent in south beach with colleagues, and i was ready to hang out with my good friends me, myself, and i... and an entire bottle of malbec. if you look closely at the following pic of my kitchen you can kinda see the aforementioned bottle of malbec resting upon my faux granite counter, now devoid of any liquid, of course:

on saturday there was a pool party sponsored by our apt management company, and i decided to stop by. it was like melrose place on crack, i shit you not... white people everywhere in bikinis and trendy swimming trunks, tanned to the point of artifical brownness and drinking beer out of coozies and listening to music blaring from ipod docking stations. i ended up meeting two girls there, and we all went out later that night (along with like seven dudes who were nice but just incredibly frat-tastic)... and ended up getting rip-roaringly drunk on cheap liquor. note to self: drinking too much cheap liquor does not a good morning-after make. here is a pic of my incredibly messy bathroom (courtesy of this week's biz trip). again, if you look closely, you can see the bottle of propel strategically placed near the toilet to minimize the back-and-forth btwn the kitchen and the toilet:

yes. i am classy. what's up.

sunday it was off to miami for the second time in as many weeks. it was fine - no south beach this time and no embarrassing encounters with old co-workers that i stupidly kissed once (gah. that's a story for another time, methinks), but it's all good. i didn't come back until late on tues night, which resulted in quite the messy apt during the day on wed. note my unpacking skeelz below:

[lame pic that did not load]

now, before you think i am an unforgivably messy person, you'll be glad to know that i cleaned up my apt last night and it's looking nice and clean. i think i'd even dare say that it looks so fresh and so clean, clean.


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Will said...

Have you tried flickr? I uploaded to Livejournal from there with no sweat whatsoever. All the cool kids are doing it.

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Paula said...

Hey - i was just re-reading your posts :) One of those girls you met at the pool was me :-) YAY for cheap booze and drunk fun fun!


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