Tuesday, July 18, 2006

ATX = the new LAX?

sorry for the lack of updates, peeps. i think i'm getting sick, and of the four brain cells that seem to still be operational, two are pretending to work and two are wondering if that airborne stuff really works or if it's all just a clever marketing guise (b/c i'll be damned if i submit to the trickery of my own industry). and oh yeah, it's 11:17 a.m., i just rolled into work about 20 mins ago and am now eating oatmeal and blogging at my desk.

oh hi... you can leave my Best New Employee award over there, on the corner of the desk. thanks.

but!!! that is NO EXCUSE to leave you all in the dark about my wknd of celebrity encounters. yes, folks, all the rumors that you hear about ATX as "the third coast" and the new hot spot and the hubbub for all things creative and artistic and fantastic - it's all true!

ahem. for those of you readers (total population = 3? 4? 5 on a good day?) who suffer from ADD, the super-succinct summary (hey there S sounds - consonance? alliteration? oh man, my english degree is cringing in embarrassment. i think it's alliteration) of my wknd is that i drank a lot and saw some famous people. the end.

the slightly-longer, more drawn-out version is that i was having dinner on sat night with some co-workers at a sushi restaurant called kenichi, one of austin's "see and be seen" places... the idea of which cracks me up, but it's a nice place and their sushi is decent (albeit slightly overpriced) and they make a good french martini, so i've been there a few times. we're sitting at a booth and having a grand ole time when my co-worker nick leans over and says sotto voce, "guys, don't all stare at once, but lance armstrong just sat down at the next booth."

well this was cool, because lance armstrong is obviously a well-known celebrity and world-class athlete and charitable dude, etc etc etc, and since he lives in austin i was hoping i'd have a sighting sooner or later. he looks just like he does in the photographs - tall and wiry and all-american. was admittedly disappointed that fellow austinite matthew mcconaughey was not with him, but still, yay, woo hoo, cool.

BUT. IT GETS BETTER, OH YES IT DOES. toward the end of the meal i excused myself for a quick bathroom break. as i returned to our table from the ladies' room, i happened to take a subtle look at the armstrong booth. the guy across from lance armstrong was wearing jeans and a baseball cap, and as i was walking by, he happened to be adjusting his baseball cap. as he lifted it off his head i was hit with the sudden realization that HOLY SHIT THAT IS JAKE GYLLENHAAL people!

he is really, really cute. kinda short-looking, but totally hot in that guy-next-door-who-happens-to-be-fucking-hot kind of way.

you will be relieved (disappointed?) to know that i did not do anything embarrassing and let them finish their dinner in peace, although i was seriously tempted to reach over my head and muss jake gyllenhaal's hair (because that's how close i was to him - our backs were to each other).

ATX, man. it's where the party is. who wants to visit me NOW, bitches?!


At 11:14 PM, Anonymous amber said...

jake AND lance.. in ONE full swoop.. that is amazing..

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous lix said...

obviously you know which one i am more impressed by... holy crapola! he is stalking the peloton up the Col de Something French today, BTW, for all you lance-watchers out there. when we visit and WHEN we see him, i WILL embarass everyone.

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Will said...

Yes, she will embarrass us. But I'll be all cool and stuff.

Note to self: remember to wear Livestrong wristband when visiting Jen.

Speaking of, didn't you two hatch a plan for us to visit around Xmas?


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