Thursday, July 27, 2006

it's been an unproductive day anyway, so why not blog?

i've spent the past four days holed up with over 700 advertising brand planners in south beach and am surprised to report that i have returned in one piece. our industry cracks me up - bunch of self-important people that sell things for a living yet somehow manage to think they are simultaneously orchestrating world peace and shaping global pop culture with the sheer brilliance of a 30-second TV ad or a cool e-mail marketing campaign. to a certain extent, advertising does reflect certain human truths and can connect with people in a very real way, but we're still being paid by a client to try and get you to DO something or THINK something... it's not exactly something that we did for the good of humankind.

[side note: we made a trip to gloria estefan's restaurant, and while i was quite satisfied with my mojitos, i have to say that the food was underwhelming. she should stick to making rhythms that are gonna get you.]

ahem. so anyway. i am now back to my workplace of choice, eyes glazed over, staring at the screeen of my laptop and willing my brain to produce some reasonably constructive and useful thoughts during normal business hours. it's not going too well. i've managed to map out the million things i have to do before getting on the road AGAIN (and to miami again, although not south beach this time) but have only accomplished one thing so far.

instead i will share with you my long-promised second installment of Why Jennifer Is Stupid Sometimes.

[oh the joy! the sigh of relief! the releasing of bated breath!]

the caveat is that this story is not nearly as humiliating or entertaining as Why Jennifer Is Stupid Sometimes, Part I, so don't be all disappointed at the end when you're not as amused as you were last time, okay?

setting: a typical hot and sunny austin evening. i decide to be good and go for a jog after work, so i snap on my new hand-me-down silver mini ipod (a gift from me mums), lace up my sneakers and set off into the steamy evening, excited to see what gifts of musical distraction my little "shuffle songs" button will bring me tonight. first up: "crazy" by gnarls barkley. cool! i love this song! get inspired by driving beat, jog jog jog, sing along under breath. good times. next up: "crazy" by patsy cline. huh, that's funny. two "crazy" songs back-to-back, what are the odds? and this one's a bit slow to keep up the pace of the jog, but still, it's a goodie. jog jog jog, sing along under breath, etc. next: "crazy in love" by beyonce. ok really. this is getting silly. who's playing a trick on me? three crazy songs in a row?

it really took me three entire songs before i realized that my shuffle feature had been turned off and i was merely listening to the songs in alphabetical order, by song title. d'oh! i felt ridiculously stupid.

almost as stupid as this story. oh well. at least i followed through on my promise. mental note not to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

more stupidity to follow, i'm sure...


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