Friday, July 28, 2006

who's ready for some friday fun? huh? HUH?

oh man. sometimes i am a nerd. a competitive-ass nerd who likes to try and beat my own score.

today's diversion: a typing test

my best score was 160 wpm with zero mistakes. that's right bitchessssss....!

must... stop... taking... typing... test


At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Johanna said...

looks like you have gotten busier since last friday. write more blogs! i need something to read!

i will share with you my funniest discovery this week. brookstone has a new product called the "igallop," a useless looking machine which mimicks horseback riding and advertises to help tone ab and ass muscles (ha!). the ad broadcasted in asia is quasi-soft-porn. check it out:

i was mesmerized. perhaps there is a use for this down in cowboy country...


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