Wednesday, July 05, 2006

wholesome family fun

i'm back from a whirlwind wknd in DC, most of which was spent with the fam. to the buddies i didn't get to see while i was there, my sincerest apologies, but most of my time was taken up be extremely cute and rambunctious little children. and when i say extremely cute, i mean exTREMEly cute.

to wit:


i mean really, check out this muscle man:

i think i need to go start reproducing and populating the world with beautiful mixed-race children. anyway, it was a great long wknd, even though it felt too short. i had ended an hellishly long week with a really good fri night (miss mary lorraine decided to grace the ATX with her presence, and we all went out for mexican food and dancing) and a few major deliveries (specifically, a new sexy-ass digital camera to replace the one that got jacked in DC and a washer/dryer set) and was looking forward to the wknd with eager anticipation.

and it did not disappoint. i flew in sat night to have dinner w/the fam on our back deck, and then went out on sat night to play with some high school buddies. sun and mon were pretty much spent with the fam, although i was able to take a few breaks to enjoy some delicious indian food with the one and only katherine kim, dear buddy of nearly two decades, and then again on sun night to hang out w/more peeps at some new DC spots. tues before i left we had CRABS and corn on the cob and steamed shrimp and drank cold beer. it was pretty much heaven which meant, naturally, that i would soon be spending some time in the pits of hell shortly thereafter... hell being the tarmac of BWI airport, where i spent an ungodly 2.5 hours sitting on the runway and trying not to kill anyone.

it was a late return to austin and a rough day at work today, but it was worth it. one more day at work and then i'm off to charlotte for Redneck Yacht Club 2k6!!!!!


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