Friday, June 30, 2006

country roooooad... take me hoooooome

it's been a long, long, loooooong week. had a client in town wed-fri and the past few days have been a blur of early mornings, entire days locked in the same conference room, late dinners, a million presentations, blah, blah, blah. all's well that ends well, and it was good to spend so much time w/them (being the new chick and all) but i am utterly exhausted...

...and very much looking forward to a last-minute trip home to good old DC, where my parents will welcome me and my bro with loving arms and home-cooked korean food and i can see old buddies again. i will have to endure the campy cattle call that is southwest airlines but feel that the payoff will be worth it.

side note. in an effort to unwind after a long day of meetings, i watched my latest netflix rental last night -- last holiday with latifah and LL cool j. now, i hear you laughing, and yes, it was a cheesy romantic comedy. but really? sometimes? after days like where you feel like your brain cells were forced to work overtime and have therefore stopped working altogether? those cheesy romantic comedies are just what the doctor ordered. it was low on mental involvement but high on wholesome goodness, laughs, and beautiful shots of the european alps (according to a lot of the mountain scenes were shot in the innsbruck alps - meeeemories). a perfect ending to a long day. it's interesting to consider the power of the queen latifah brand - being an actress, i hope she never quite becomes as corporate-ized as oprah - but i feel like she's getting to the point of popularity where she can do no wrong.

until, of course, she becomes a scientologist, speaks out in public on issues that she knows nothing about, pays some poor unsuspecting young actor to be her pretend boyfriend and starts jumping on couches...

anyway. clearly my brain has become a muddle, and i will spare you my disjointed ramblings. happy long wknd, peeps.


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