Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i am officially OBSESSED...

...with the song "hide and seek" by imogen heap.

if you haven't yet experienced the magic that is this song, GET THEE TO ITUNES AND START DOWNLOADING IMMEDIATELY.

seriously. holy crap. HOLY CRAP, i tell you. if you aren't incredibly moved by this song, there is definitely something wrong with you. what the hell is wrong with you? get the hell out of my blog (kidding! i heart! i heart having readers! except who really cares!).

---seamless topic change---

the weather in austin today is gray and rainy. at this exact moment in time, all i want more than anything is to be sitting in my apt in some comfy drawstring pants, sipping on either some hot soup or some hot tea, listening to imogen heap and reading a good book. and possibly tapping on the glass of my fish bowl to irritate cowboy. hehe.

yet here i am, working away like the good worker bee that i am. oh well. at least it's an interesting project.

tonight's after-work agenda: my first attempt to make chicken soup from scratch. will it work? will it be deliciously soothing? or will it taste like ass?

... stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion.


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Johanna said...

omg, me too! i've been obsessed with that song since mid-summer!!! played it on repeat in the car daily.


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