Tuesday, August 15, 2006


beloved readers of the blog (you know, all three of you), i have some big news that i've been wanting to share with you for quite some time now. i wanted to make sure i gave myself enough time to prep for the big reveal, and now that some time has passed, i think... it's... time.

so: i'd like to introduce you to someone new in my life. he's the perfect roommate because he doesn't take up much space, is always happy to see me, and adds a decorative flair to the place. his personality is feisty, he loves to eat, and he stays put until i say so.

ladies and gentlemen, i'd like to introduce you to... cowboy!!

awwww, he's being a bit shy. let's see if we can't coax him out a bit, eh?

admiring his beautiful red fins from afar:

welcome to my humble abode, little man. i look forward to many fishy good times together. may you live long and prosper just like your predecessor, little buddha, who had numerous brushes with death but always managed to pull through. i'm sure he is sending you warm wishes from DC.


At 10:00 AM, Anonymous lix said...

yay!!! a creature buddy for j-kim!! that's awesome, jen :) i was for sure thinking Dog, but Fish seems more do-able for the gal who is so on-the-go.

(BTW, GREAT mosaic table. love it!)


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