Friday, September 08, 2006

rollin on the floor fo' shizzle

if you haven't heard about the gizoogle site you HAVE to check it out. it is freaking hiLArious.

you can enter words, like "BMW" or "texas," or you can enter entire URLs and have it translate the web page.

for instance. here is the gizoogled version of my blog. it is insanely hilarious.

this is my favorite line: "straight trippin' ta you live frizzay tha front lobby of tha shawty hostel i'm steppin' in (i had bizzle stay'n in a bigga hotel when mah crazy ass nigga was here but since he's gone it's onto tha cheapo places fo` me and cant no hood fuck with death rizzow. i'm just a lowly blunt-rollin' exec, not some pimp banka)."

i need new biz cards that say "jennifer kim, lowly blunt-rollin' exec, not some pimp banka." btw, note that "mah crazy ass nigga" = my brother.


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