Sunday, October 01, 2006

seasons?! pshaw. i laugh at your seasons

so, october is upon us. the month of trick or treating, leaves in beautiful autumn hues, light cotton sweaters, pumpkins, and hot apple cider...

...that is, unless you live in austin, where the concept of fall does not so much exist.

i give you exhibit A: this week's forecast.

highs in the mid-90s does not a crisp autumn make, people. what is this?! i'm so ready to start wearing cable-knit sweaters, to bust out the cute fall jackets... yet i'm still in tank tops and flip-flops. crazy.

on the up side of things, i can still lay out by the pool and wear skirts with open-toed shoes. but i think i'm seriously going to miss the changing of the seasons now that i live in The Land of No Real Seasons. it's a very odd sensation knowing that other parts of the country are going through the normal transition to fall and we're still experiencing 90-degree weather.

anyway. i had a blissfully relaxing wknd, no cruise ships to board, no trips to take, no major responsibilities. instead, i went for long runs, went to the pool, did piles of laundry, cleaned up my woefully neglected apartment, went out for drinks, and spent an hour and a half wandering up and down the aisles of the grocery store (one of my favorite activities in life). i went out with friends, slept in late, and made myself delicious dinners. i cherished every minute of it, knowing i won't be getting another wknd like that for quite some time. i love those wknds that strike the perfect blend btwn relaxing homebody-ness and fun social-ness.

this wknd's highlight: the dinner i made tonight, with seared porks chops in a balsamic/herb marinade, broiled asparagus with plenty of garlic, and a fresh caprese salad. yum!


At 3:10 PM, Anonymous FoodsnobInLA said... dinner sounds magnificent. question--did you sear your pork chops, remove them, then deglaze the pan with balsamic and herbs? sounds delicious! i miss the seasons here in LA as well, but i ain't gonna lie. the weather is amazing here :)

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous erica said...

Hello! It's been a week! I'm waiting for a post!


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