Wednesday, September 13, 2006

in which i distract you with pretty pictures

sooooo, as you've probably noticed, i haven't had been posting much of anything lately. apologies to all three of you who read this blog with any semblance of regularity. you haven't missed too much -- i pretty much got back from germany, was exhausted, my parents came to austin to visit me, we hung out all wknd, was exhausted, i got some pretty new bed linens, we drove to dallas, was exhausted, finally got back into training mode for my little 5k, was exhausted, have been forced to sit through endless training sessions at work, oh, and i've been relatively useless at work all wk. ta-da, end of story. notice a recurring theme in there?

anyway, to distract you from the noticeable dearth of brilliant writing, here are a few pics from my trip to munich:

schloss neuschwanstein in all its picturesque glory (pic taken from a bridge over a gorge)

enjoying the beer garden life at the chinese pagoda beer garden (notice that my stein is noticeably smaller. in retrospect, i feel like a bit of a wuss)

the famous "onion domes" of munich's frauenkirche at night. the colors are almost a bit freaky. is it sacrilegious to say that?

and, last but not least, the old town hall in the historic part of downtown munich


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