Tuesday, August 08, 2006

girls can't play video games

(is that like white men can't jump?)

okay, or maybe it's just me. thanks to my friend chris, i have now wasted about 20 minutes of my day trying to beat this motherf*&*#$ing icebreaker game. it is incredibly addicting and brings out the competitive beast in me that... MUST... WIN... THE... GAME. i'm a horribly sore loser and hate admitting defeat, but having successfully wasted 20 minutes of my day playing it and five minutes of my day blogging about it, i must admit that i am now icebreaker's little bitch.

grr. if anyone makes it to the end and finds out what happens, please tell me.

i must say, though, that although true gamers would probably find this game very rudimentary when compared to the standards of the overall gaming world, i was impressed. his celebratory stances every time he successfully breaks through a wall were incredibly motivating (yeeah!!), the music fits perfectly (made my pulse race) and he was all pimped out in his very realistic-looking suit... because, you know, every time i break through walls of ice, i like to suit up in my best.

now it's your turn.


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous mr. big frog said...

aight...i beat it...


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