Thursday, August 10, 2006

bucking my own stereotype

i've written on here before about my issues with rushing. i am just a bad rusher, period, the end. i dawdle. i always underestimate how long it takes to do something (i just need to go for a run, shower, get dressed, eat dinner, and then i'll be good to go... hmm... why don't we meet in, say, 20 minutes or so?). i stare at my (full) walk-in closet for a good five minutes each morning, wondering what to wear, to the extent that you'd think i'd never seen the contents of my own closet before. even when i'm late and rushing around, i'll randomly stop to scramble for the right lip gloss or change my purse or hell, even toast a bagel. once, in college, i was running late for a final exam but stopped long enough to curl my eyelashes (i am making myself sound much more girly and high-maintenance than i think i actually am).

but! today. to-DAY, people! i'm proud to admit that this morning, the bad rushing habit was officially broken (effects have not been proven to last, but we shall see). the cause of this unnatural occurrence went something like this:

last night was a lovely, lovely evening. i came home from work relatively early, and after playing with my digital camera for a few minutes (taking photos of the LATEST ADDITION to my apt, more on that - or him?! - another time), i went to the gym for a nice sweaty workout. then it was back to the apt for a shower and a major freak-out when i saw a BIG FAT CRUNCHY COCKROACH in my bathroom (gross. first one i've ever seen, and hopefully not the start of a trend). rack brain for ways to kill cockroach without actually smushing him (i don't usually mind killing bugs, but having to kill bugs that crunch seriously grosses me out. yuck). engage in guerrilla warfare with said cockroach as i try to lure him under a cup. he is now safely under the cup, where i hope that the lack of oxygen will slowly kill him and all i have to do is flush his dead carcass. if he is somehow still alive, i will most likely enlist my male neighbor to do the actual crunching for me or find a way to lure him into the toilet so that i don't actually have to smush him and hear his little cockroach bones cruching (okay, so maybe i am girly and high-maintenance after all).

okay i am getting way off-topic here. point is, after all the cockroach warfare, i ended up going out for a late dinner with some girls from my apt complex. we went to this great little place in my neighborhood called beck's that has a great fenced-in area out back with live music (of course) and lots of little christmas lights strung over the trees. we shared a bottle of wine and artichoke dip, and i had a delicious grilled portabello cap with shrimp and goat cheese with a side of spinach salad. yum! we ended up staying out a bit later than expected, and so when my alarm went off this morning, i decided to sleep in for a bit and roll into work around 930 or 945.

...which is a brilliant plan when you don't have an important department meeting to attend at 8:30. GAHHH. one of my snoozes went off at 8:10, and i remember going to snooze some more to enjoy a few more precious Z's... until the fact that i had an 8:30 meeting HIT ME IN THE CHEST like a bolt of lightning and i jumped out of bed (note: i never jump out of bed. ever. if God forbid there was ever a fire in my apt, i would probably lean over and stretch before getting out of bed and going to see if my door was hot).

so out of bed at 8:10, and into the dept mtg at 8:36. if that's not impressive, people, then i don't know what is. boo yeah!


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