Sunday, May 14, 2006

even more progress

today's purchase: a TV stand for the beautiful philips TV and his dear little DVD-playing counterpart. have i mentioned how much i love my TV? he's just so sleek and silver and flat. i think i'll call him phil. and the DVD player will be named philly.

but back to the TV stand. it took me over an hour to put that bitch together, but i was ultimately victorious in the end. y'all would have laughed at me - i took the entire process WAY too seriously, as if it was a test of my intelligence or something. i spread all the components out on my floor, grouped all the little nails by type, gathered my tools, turned on some mood-boosting shania twain, read through the instructions and went to work. and, many minutes later... ta-da! sturdy black TV stand at your service to house my beautiful electronics and completely lame DVD collection. there really is no other word to describe my poor-ass DVD collection - am going to have to do something about that. i did recently join netflix, but i still need to get some of the classics in-house... hmm. oh, and speaking of classics - did you know that office space was mostly filmed in suburban austin! supposedly there is some tour that hits all the important sights... i so need to do that.

so yes, the apt is still relatively empty and there is nothing on the walls and everything is in a place "for now" - but at least there's a couch, a big comfy and cool green chair, a coffee table, a TV stand for phil and little philly (but no cable TV yet), and a kitchen table and chairs on its way (hopefully)... it's coming together, slowly but surely. baby steps, people, it's all about baby steps. it'll probably be at least another month or two before i really start to feel settled.

side note. i will be DC-bound in just a few wks to celebrate my dear friend debbie's wedding, and cannot WAIT to be back in my beloved city! all of you DC folks better pencil me in for that wknd -- june 2-4. plans are obviously still TBD but i'll send an email once i figure out what's going on. it'll be so nice to have friends again...! =P


At 9:04 AM, Blogger McCoy said...

I'm still very upset about the lack of cable tv....


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