Tuesday, April 25, 2006

mom to the rescue

today i kind of had a moment. a moment wherein i realized that i was kinda losing my shit. perhaps it had something to do with the fact that oh my god i'm at target aGAIN and returning stuff aGAIN... or was it the subsequent realization that they have a better, cheaper version of what i had JUST BOUGHT at bed bath & beyond a mere 20 minutes ago, which means i'll have to go there again as WELL to return that b/c who doesn't want to save a dollar here and there... and then i made the mistake of going to wal-mart and realized that they have a lot of stuff that's just as good as target but $5-10 cheaper, for the love of God and all of his holy angels and cherubim and what-have-you.

and then i thought about how my favoritest couple in the world will be landing this thursday and coming into an apt with no kitchen table, no slipcover on the sofa (seriously, the sofa without the slipcover is so ugly that it's practically giving me a headache - to quote the illustrious mandy c., "there's no safe place to rest your eyes!"), boxes everywhere, nothing on the plain white walls, bathroom rugs with the carpets still attached b/c i can't decide if i like them, and clothes all over the bdrm b/c i have no dresser to put them in.

and then i thought about much i still have to accomplish, despite the fact that i will hardly be home over the next few wks. case in point: tmw i leave for dallas for a two-day biz trip (and at 11:16 the night before, have i packed? have i done the reading i wanted to do in order to prep for the meeting? am i getting plenty of sleep so i can wake up early, rested and ready with plenty of time to make to the airport with no stress so that i can face a long day of client meetings and dinners? no, no, and clearly not, b/c here i am, writing on this blog). but back to the original point. aside from my job, my main task these days is setting up this apt. but when will this happen? wed and thurs i will be in dallas. tues and wed of next wk in NYC. mon and tues of the next wk in dallas again (for a diff client that time), and then off to miami on thurs. i'm in the office the entire next wk after that (gasp!) but leave for LA on sat (for the best biz trip of all, a 3-day cruise to celebrate the inaugural of my client's latest ship).

and so i did what any rational adult does. i called my mommy. to vent and whine and bask in motherly sympathy over my predicament. and did i get motherly sympathy? yes. did i get gentle chiding? yes. did i get concern over my general welfare, whether i'm still eating right in the midst of all this chaos, and the warning not to run myself sick and ragged? yes. but best of all? my mommy's coming to austin to save me!!!!!!! glory be! i only need to survive two more wks of bewildered chaos and then i will have a rational, reasonable, experienced, level-headed person to cling onto in the utter mess that is my life right now.

yes, i am a 25 year old functioning adult who has moved eight times since 1998. yes, i work hard in a good job and do my own taxes and pay them on time and can be trusted with professional responsibility and even small children. but there is no shame in admitting that sometimes you need a little help (especially of the maternal sort), and the knowledge that my oh-so-capable mom was coming to save the day has filled me with warm and fuzzy feelings like you wouldn't believe. plus, it's a gorgeous night in austin and i have all my windows open to feel the breeze.

so i took her advice, got me a yummy and healthy dinner and relaxed a little bit. well... that's where i stopped taking her advice. she told me to pack my bags and head to bed early and worry about the apt later, but i stopped to unpack all my purchases and admire my new shower curtain (i think we finally have a winner) and put up my shoe organizer and write this blog post... and NOW i will pack my bags and head to bed and pray that i wake up in time to make it to the airport, desperately chug down some coffee in an attempt to kick-start my system, quickly do some reading on the short flight to dallas and arrive at the client mtg on time, ready to impress with my casual brilliance.

wahoo, huzzah, boo fucking yeah!


At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

now...have i told Jen that neither stephen nor I mind whether or not she has furniture? Of course. But that doesn't stop her from trying to be the world's best hostess. We're going to try to make her do as little as possible and then I will do as much shopping with her as need be to calm her frayed nerves, at least before la mere arrives. we love you!! can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!


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