Thursday, May 04, 2006

remember me?

hi, i'm jen, the author of this blog. you may be wondering whether or not i still exist, and the answer is: yes and no. i am back in austin but feel like my head is wandering in la-la land. shit's been going down, and it's hard to feel like i am living a life of purpose and meaning when i can barely see through a haze of crap. as for this specific day, it's one where i wish i could just hide at my desk and slack off, but: a) no cube to hide in (damn open layout), b) still feel too new to be a slacker, and c) feel like i should be doing the right thing. basically my super-lazy side is duking it out with my goody-goody side in the ultimate battle for supreme power and control. who will win? i have a feeling this one won't be resolved for a while, so remember to tune in for the next episode of Forces of Good and Evil: The Life of Jennifer Kim (so just chillllll.... 'til the next episode).

my trip to NYC was good, i guess - a lot of the usual suspects of a NYC biz trip (inexplicably expensive boutique hotel with tiny-ass room and fun bath products, running around the city for meetings, racking up huge expense reports) and a personal NYC trip (good food - korean bbq, lox bagels, good people, and, of course, a lil' bit of karaoke). but now that i live in austin, it seems like the things that make new york new york stand out in even sharper relief. the smells (the good, the bad, and the ugly). the people (again - the good, the bad, and the ugly). the feeling that oh my god if i don't rush i'm going to miss something supremely important. the feeling that this city is damned efficient and if you are of the laid-back and/or slow variety you better get the fuck outta my way.

amusing NYC side note: one of my interviewees (i was in NYC doing some research) told me that david blaine had set up his latest stunt at the lincoln center, which was just around the corner from our meeting, and that she had seen those "simpson sisters" there. for some odd reason, my brain immediately went to marge's smoking sisters with the raspy voices on the simpsons... before i realized she was talking about jessica and ashlee simpson. and i am not going to lie, as soon as the interview was over i totally dashed over to lincoln center to try and see jessica simpson up close and personal... who cares about that david blaine guy and his random stunts... but they were nowhere to be seen and i was completely bummed (but made up for it by getting a lox bagel and lentil soup - odd combination i know - and eating it in central park. right next to an odd-looking man doing some strange form of calisthenics that involved boxing the air around him and making sudden, jerky movements. and then staring at me as i ate my lunch. good times).

anyway, this blog entry is all over the place. bottom line: i'm overwhelmed to the point of aimlessness, and am extremely glad that my mom is coming this wknd to save me. hurray!

back to my halfhearted attempts to try and catch up on all the work i missed.


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