Monday, May 08, 2006

awash in electrical goodies

ahem! your attention please! after a relatively productive weekend with my mom, i'd like you all to know that i am now the proud owner of:
  1. a beautiful 27" flat screen silver philips television
  2. an equally beautiful silver slimline philips DVD player
  3. an even more beautiful b/c it was free silver mini ipod (my mom loves me and gave me hers b/c she she said she doesn't use it that much. and yes, my mom has better gadgets than i do, including wireless internet, a color blackberry, and multiple computers. shuddup)
anyway, hurray! i have a television! and a DVD player! and an ipod! true, my kitchen table still only exists in my dreams, my underwear and socks are piled into my "dresser" a.k.a. beach bag, my "coffee table" is really the empty TV box with a towel thrown over the top, i'm still stealing wireless internet from my good friend "dontworrybehappy," i have yet to purchase a digital camera despite my friend chris's kind attempts to email me all the best deals, and i have yet to find the time to figure out how any of the above purchases actually work -- but baby steps, people. i actually own some shit! things that plug into the wall! things that i will actually take with me if i leave the apt as opposed to leaving them around for the frat boys to dispose of (and yes, i just ended a sentence with a preposition, so what)!

the wknd also consisted of an inaugural trip to a korean grocery store, a tantalizingly delicious home-cooked meal (served on my exclusive white-linen dining table, i mean, the philips box with a free white beach towel bearing the logo of one of my old clients), my mom's first taste of breakfast tacos (she was a big fan - she did think it was weird at first to start brunch with chips and queso but eventually gave in to the lure of the hot melted goodness), and multiple trips to target and wal-mart (naturally). plus motherly love and affection, ice cream, and a conversation in which i had to explain the meaning of the word "phallic" (which i had invoked to accurately describe a famous austin landmark).

but alas, the wknd is over and i am now in dallas for a biz trip. i just got out of a meeting with a travel agent who actually used the phrase "all gussied up" without the slightest trace of irony. she was also missing a considerable amount of teeth, and the remaining ones were quite yellow and sad-looking. i am also a horrible person. oh well, at least i'll have a nice comfy handbasket for my trip to hell (where did that phrase come from anyway?)...


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