Wednesday, May 10, 2006

up, down, all around

this saturday will mark the two-month anniversay of my move to austin. when i take a step back and try to look at the situation holistically, it's kinda hard to say "how it's been," b/c it's just been so all over the place. what with the struggles of trying to adjust to a new job, learning to work with new bosses, a crazy travel schedule, an empty apt in need of furnishing, stupid austin drivers that crash into my car, some unexpected personal shit, being away from family and friends, and my increasing addiction to breakfast tacos... it's easy to channel your inner drama queen and start wallowing in your own self-pity (i started a blog post earlier today called "teetering on the edge of sanity" but didn't have the time to finish it. yowza).

when your overall situation is so all over the place, the little things seem to take on tantamount importance. the fact that they only have a smoking room available when you've specifically requested a non-smoking room sucks that much more. the fact that you have to take a 7 pm flight out of miami that doesn't put you back in austin until 11:53 pm when your meetings are over at 12 pm seems really irritating.

but then again, the little victories are that much more worthy of enjoyment and celebration. for example, the oh-so-delicious and refreshing iced skim chai that i got on my way into work today. was i running behind schedule? yes. was it disgustingly hot and sticky outside, the kind of hot and sticky wherein you start perspiring in the 24 seconds it takes you to walk to your car in the morning? oh yes. but man, that iced skim chai was tasty. for example #2, i changed my seat to a bulkhead seat when i checked for my miami flight today. (i was also excited to notice that i was actually flying on a big plane! one with two aisles, and TV screens, where you don't feel every single bump and the engine doesn't roar in your ear!) once i got on the plane, i found out that i had somehow lucked out with a BUSINESS CLASS seat! holy moly. i haven't flown biz class in a long time, and i don't remember the last time i was so comfortable. ahh, leather seats that recline and have foot rests... still had to pay $4 for my stupid snack box though.


it's late... i have an early breakfast with my colleague tomorrow... back to the rat race!


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