Wednesday, April 19, 2006

let the madness begin

you know those periods of your life where you have so many things running through your brain that it becomes difficult to fall asleep at night because your brain is still chugging away at a million mph about all the shit you need to done?

hi. welcome to my current state of mind. the state of mind which will probably be taking over for a while.

the problem is that when things get crazy like this my under-pressure-get-shit-done side clashes with my more-laid-back-but-easily-distracted-and-occasionally-lazy side. it's like that stereotypical sitcom scenario (hey there alliteration! or is consonance? damn, english major skills are rusty) where you have the devil jen on one shoulder (the voice of reason and responsibility and productiveness) and angel jen on one shoulder (reason be damned, i'd rather be doing something more interesting), both trying to buy my allegiance.

for instance:

good jen: leaving corp. housing in just a few days. must start packing random crap that is strewn all over apt. must not save packing until last minute. change your address! set up all your new accounts! forward your mail! register your car in TX (sigh)! get renter's insurance!
bad jen: starts packing random crap, but hmm.... maybe i'll waste a bunch of time on thinking about what TV i'm going to buy. or thinking about what kind of shower curtain i want. and what kind of design scheme is going to in each room (in case you're wondering, i'm thinking neutrals and reds in the living room, chocolates and pastels in the bedroom, and bright colors in the bathroom). and how if i ended up on queer eye for the straight guy (if i was indeed a straight guy) they'd be so much better at this than i am.

usually it ends up being some kind of hybrid situation where i do indeed get all my shit done and do the work i brought home and sometimes even go for a run or bike ride (for the good jen) and then daydream about random stuff and chat on the phone w/friends and watch sex and the city reruns (for the bad jen)... and then flop into bed after 1 am, still thinking about all the things i didn't get done.

and it's going to get even crazier, what with the two biz trips that are already on the docket for next wk and the fact that my days are starting to take on a cruel, cruel pattern in which i am forced to dash desperately from back to back mtgs, eating food in mtgs, running into other mtgs late b/c i had the GALL to stop at the bathroom -- only to be set free at 6 or 6:30, braindead and exhausted. only THEN can i finally get started on the returning of calls and the answering of emails and oh, right, the actual DOing work...


there's smthg to look forward to, b/c...

dun dun DUN...

in just a week and a half i will have the privilege of being the hostess with the mostess for two of my favoritest people in the world, the lovely di and her fabulous husband stephen (a.k.a. the first people to visit my new pad, which will probably be in such a state of chaos that i might have to steal toilet paper from work in order to make it habitable).

but it's all good, b/c there will be much catching-up and eating of tex-mex and drinking of margaritas and mexican martinis and partaking of austin-y activities. plus! i went to a new restaurant tonight with the most fanTAStic sushi i've had in a long time. the food was sublime and oh-so-stylishly-presented, but still with an austin-y feel to it (btw, there was this family in the corner booth that was there with little kids. at the end of the meal the servers brought out a cupcake and started singing happy birthday. we quickly realized that they were singing happy birthday to a little boy that couldn't have been more than two years old. um, hello? two year old birthday celebration at a posh SUshi restaurant?! how yuppie can you get? if i was him i'd be all, "mom! dad! can we go to the chuck e. cheese already?! fresh salmon with grilled asparagus and tempura flakes is just so yesterday!")

anyway. i say bring it on the madness! the good jen and bad jen will combine forces and victory will be ours!


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous TT said...

i say go green...with hints of red...and that's a color combo!


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