Monday, April 24, 2006

i'm alive...

...just extremely distracted by the prospect of furnishing an apartment. am exhausted but very, very happy to finally be in my own place. will post soon with rambling thoughts about my new pad, but for now, suffice it to say that my tendency to be indecisive (who, me?) is NOT contributing much to Operation Furnish My Apt. i wasted what seems like hours in the shower curtain aisles at target and bed bath & beyond, staring at the various shower curtain options and feeling paralyzed by all the different choices laid out in front of me. vinyl? fabric? solid? pattern? bright colors or sophisticated black and white? and what about the bath rug?

let's just say that i am still showering behind a clear vinyl liner b/c the prospect of buckling down and committing to one bathroom scheme is just too much for me to handle. perhaps this is indicative of some larger problem??

i did! however! find a welcome mat that i totally love (that my neighbor across the hall then proceeded to swap with his mat, which left me utterly confused and trying to figure out if he was trying to send me some subliminal message only to find out that it was merely a late-night drunken joke).

(i am so going to get his ass back. am committing a small portion of my brain to brainstorming the Perfect Revenge...)


At 10:05 AM, Anonymous TT said...

yo, you need to start Operation G.I.T.


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