Monday, April 17, 2006

me against the elements

so i was warned about texas summers, but no one told me about texas springs. we're having a freak wave of hot weather this week resulting in statewide power outages and rolling blackouts in austin in a desperate attempt to conserve energy as people blasted their air conditioners.


no, that is not the forecast for hell (google hasn't cracked that code yet, har har). that is today's forecast from the austin-american statesman. 101 degrees, people!! that is way too hot for april. granted, it's not the nasty-ass triple-H DC killer (hazy, hot and humid) b/c it's a little drier out here - but it still feels damn unnatural to break a sweat in APRIL during the oh-so-long walk from the parking garage into the office (and when you throw in the daily three-flight stair climb, you might as well go home and take another shower).

the other nature/weather-related thing that is totally killing me these days? this whole daylight savings thing. the whole sunny-until-8-pm-thing is totally throwing me off to an extent that i've never experienced in my 24 other experiences with the whole DST plan. i'll get home around 8:15 and still feel like i have 5-6 hours to putter around my apt, maybe watch TV, catch up on some phone calls, go for a run, shower, cook dinner, and then maybe do work for an hour or two.... and then feel all surprised when midnight rolls around in no time. has it always been this bad, and i've just somehow forgotten? or does the sun have some personal beef w/me? i mean really.

btwn the oppressive heat and never-ending sun (and the fact that work is about to become super crazy again), i've gotta say that i'm feeling a little "fried" these days...


man, i crack myself up (which is a good thing, b/c i have a sinking feeling that i'm the only one laughing).


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