Thursday, July 26, 2007

i'm alive. just.... molding

it has rained every single day in Austin for what feels like the past two months. a few of you e-mailed me back in June when the central Texas floods were making CNN headlines to ask if I was okay (how kind!), and although I was indeed quite fine at the time, I think I'm officially starting to mold. think about it: Austin is known for having great weather. in fact, I specifically remember when I came here to interview for my job and they told me that Austin is sunny 300 days a year. yet here we are. constant rain. constant clouds. constant mugginess. constant OMG I JUST NEED SOME SUN IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK. bah humbug.

to add to the frustration, it's been one of those work 11 crazy, stressful hours, come home, eat, drink a much-needed glass of wine, sleep, wake up, shower, work 11 crazy, stressful hours, rinse, wash, repeat kind of weeks... hence the rather negligent blogging. (although, miracle of miracles, I have already managed to somehow re-read HP #7. heh. priorities?)

anyhoodle. so yes. sorry about the lack of posts. but trust me when I say you haven't missed much. my life/thoughts these days have consisted of work, rain, Harry Potter, rain, enough with these client meetings already, I'm sick of having to dress like a real professional person, daydreaming about moving to some sunny Caribbean place or heck, I'd even settle for Seattle at this point b/c I'm sure their weather is better than this (exhibit A: Austin weather vs. Seattle weather, I rest my case), blah, blah blah...

I am going to think positive thoughts and think back to this kind of weather instead:


At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

I think we should plan some sort of tropical vacation to take our minds off of this weather. Friends & family rates for the Sun sailings out of New Orleans in Nov/Dec, perhaps?

At 2:33 PM, Blogger L Sass said...

It has been kind of a gloomy summer here, too. It's good for running, so I can't complain, but ugh. We need a little sunshine!

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous lix said...

DC's been mercifully beautiful of late, with touches of that typical humidity. I feel okay in bragging abt it, since you've enjoying mostly better weather than us during your time in Tejas. That said, two months of rain seriously blows. Hope it shines up soon!

(we'll miss you this wknd, btw!)

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Paula said...

I'd like to remind folks that that pretty picture of your toes is in fact from Canada! Canada does have nice weather (sometimes!) :) It's beautiful and sunny here this weekend.. want to come back for another visit??

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous marci said...

I've lived in Texas for 25 of the 29 years I've been on this planet, and I have never experienced this much rain. So take heart that the brochure was accurate, and we'll probably have 250 dry, 100 degree days in 2008 (sigh...)

And I love Harry Potter. Read it in the first ten hours after in arrived on my doorstep. I just think it's an interesting obsession.


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