Friday, July 13, 2007

extremely important news that I can't believed I waited so long to tell you

[I think that wins as the longest post title ever]

on Tues night I got an IM from my work buddy Kelly. she works in our media department and had extra passes to a special sneak preview of the new Harry Potter movie (6 pm, which was way before the national opening time of midnight), was I by any chance interested in going with her?

I nearly passed out in my office due to my excitement.

the new HP movie? for FREE?? before ANYONE else in America gets to see it?!?! with zero obnoxious kids wearing lightning scars on their foreheads and talking through the whole thing?

dude. I think you can understand my excitement.

I think it also goes without saying that I am a BIG.HARRYPOTTER.FAN.

(also, I think it goes without saying that my friend Kelly kicks ass. this is the same friend who had a huge gift card to a fancy-pants seafood restaurant downtown -- given to her by a rep, man oh man why don't I work in media -- and shortly after the invitation to the HP movie, she asked me if I was interested in going to this restaurant to help her spend the $150 on lump crab cake and seared ahi tuna and crab fried rice. scha-wing!!)

without spoiling it for the rest of you schmoes who don't enjoy the ridiculous connections that I do (heh), let me just tell you that this movie kicked some MAJOR wizard ass. it was dark, it was scary, the acting was better than past movies and the dueling scenes were visually amazing. and when I say it was pretty dark and scary, I'm not lying -- I probably watched about 65% of the movie through my fingers (this coming from a girl who's read the book at least five or six times, so it's not like I was going to be surprised by some unexpected plot twist). interestingly enough, it was surprisingly short -- I think I read somewhere that this is the shortest HP movie so far -- so there are never any parts where you feel like the movie is moving slowly or that this is a good time to get up and go to the bathroom. no, you're pretty much engaged the whole time, eyes riveted to the screen, completely caught up in the drama (omg! Harry's going to kiss Cho! omg! this is when they meet Grawp! omg! watch out! the Death Eaters are behind you!)... I actually came out of the theater with a raging headache because I had been staring at the screen intently, entirely wrapped up in the experience.

they left out a lot of the details that are in the book, so if you haven't read the book in a while you may be a bit confused -- but the movie is so well-done that you won't mind. only dorks like me who say "hey! the sneak who snitches on Dumbledore's Army is supposed to be jinxed with the word 'sneak' across her face and I so wanted to see that" are going to notice the plot differences. (man. I think I just established myself as a complete and utter dork. oh well.)

in summary:
1) I kick ass with my cool connections,
2) I saw it before other people,
3) when I came out at 8:30ish the line for the midnight showing was already out the door,
4) go see it now.


At 6:45 AM, Blogger Raymond said...

dork! but im a little jealous..

At 12:20 PM, Anonymous lix said...

mandique, Will, and i finally checked it out last night. yippee! according to mandy, i am glad i did not re-read 5 before seeing the movie, but huge piles o' missing details notwithstanding, it was FUN to see in-theater. counting down until friday (+ however long it takes Will to read it first)!!

At 12:25 PM, Blogger jen said...

yes, I definitely agree with Mandique that there were a heap of details that were missing - but overall I thought it was a fantastic movie. great story, great acting, great directing, amazing action scenes.

lix, your comment reminds me of a funny exchange I had with a co-worker (a self-professed fellow HP nerd) -- we were geeking out about the coming book and he told me that he and his wife ordered two copies so they wouldn't get divorced over who gets to read it first. I laughed at first but then realized how badly I would fight any boyfriend/roommate/person who tried to steal my copy. hells naw.

a potential marital tip for you soon-to-be-wedded-kids???

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous lix said...

that's hilarious. Will was the diligent one who pre-ordered, so he gets dibs. i am totally OCD about clutter in our oh-so-"cozy" abode, so two copies is a non-starter! he will whip through it super-fast anyway. we're road-tripping to c'ville this wknd, and the possibility did arise (thanks to mandy, actually) that whoever is not driving could read it out loud... i'm not sure if that would be completely awesome or if it would drive me totally insane.

besides, that will give me time to re-read 6 since i have no frikkin recollection what it's abt...

At 5:42 PM, Blogger Erica said...

ok, so when i talked to you on the phone that night, you raved about dinner but totally forgot to mention the HP part!! HELLO!

At 6:30 PM, Blogger L Sass said...

Totally jealous!!! I am seeing the movie on Friday afternoon and picking up book 7 on Saturday after my run (it will be my reward.)

I love the HP madness!

At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Will said...

It's all good, I read really fast and can really focus when I'm obsessed. I knocked out Goblet of Fire in one sitting and came pretty close with Order of the Phoenix. (I didn't even get to start until after a training ride, so I was pretty beat.)

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous mandique said...

YAY HP. As one who MUCH prefers the books to the flicks, my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt. It was a bit 'angst-y' for me, and it makes me sad that cho gets blamed (it should be cho's lame friend - margaret, i think?). My book is ordered. I cant wait. But way-to-go with the wicked cool connections. Am impresed.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger jen said...

OK I am officially the Biggest HP Dork Ever. but M: her name was Marietta Edgecombe.


At 9:55 AM, Anonymous mandy said...

i would expect nothing less, and welcome the correction (exactly the sort of thing that caused my indignation during the film). Marietta it is.

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Will said...

As I am sure you are breathlessly waiting to know, I read the book as soon as the nice USPS man gave it to me. E used that time to start rereading 6, and now she's on 7. When can we talk about it?


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