Friday, July 20, 2007


fridays are supposed to be the day when you sleep in, roll into work in flip flops, take long lunches, catch up on email, do your timesheets, go to happy hour, read blogs, etc -- not wake up to pouring rain, early morning client meetings, crazy schedules and drama.

that is the end of my vent. or at least all i have time for.

also, i really should not have eaten three slices of pizza for lunch.

oh well. back to work.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Hey there, hon.

I agree, with your "friday's should be flip-flop" days... however, at the same time? Perhaps that only applies to the advertising/banking/business industry!

Us medical folks never get flip-flop days. Yes, we do get the scrub shout outs (of which, I will never complain!) but medicine (as does industry) never takes a vacation... (hee hee indirect quote from ms. mary lorraine stewart). Be glad you have a place to roll into at 9AM. A daily 7 AM call (which I choose) is fantastic, and makes you count your blessings, everyday...just call me a hallmark card!
much love,


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