Monday, June 04, 2007

weekend in review

after a week-long illness and general blah-ness, I was pretty ready for a wknd that would achieve the perfect blend of fun... yet lazy! fri night after a quick drink @ a wine bar, I headed to my beloved Alamo Downtown for an evening o' fun with a buddy from work. it was Master Pancake Theater time - where they take a deliciously bad movie and make some delicious bad comedy out of it (with comedy sketches before and during the movie + running commentary throughout). fri night was breakfast club, and although there were moments of hilarity I'd have to say that it paled in comparison to Titanic and Pretty Woman - or maybe those movies are just so much worse and therefore funnier in comparison?

after the movie we wandered around downtown to take in the scene that is the ROT rally... or, to be more specific, the Republic of Texas Biker Rally. oh yes. you read that right. it could easily be summed up in the following phrase: lots of leather, leathery skin, old and leathery tattoos, and leathery-looking boobs. it was fascinating. there were over 50,000 bikes in town and these people were SERIOUSLY ready to party. they had blocked off a main part of downtown for parades, rallies and speeches... it was like another world.

saturday I went to a pilates class (and my abs are still hurting) and then spent the afternoon recovering by the pool. Texas is HOT these days, people -- it was 90-something and sunny -- and the pool was completely packed. I've said this before and I'll say it again... I seriously live at the modern 2007 reincarnation of Melrose Place. I was the only non-blond non-fake-boobed chick in the place. everyone was drinking beer, listening to music, and tanning their already-ridiculously-tan bodies. I felt like a total academic in comparison with my reading material (a book) and drink of choice (ice water). later on I ended up going to a neighborhood pool to swim some laps and was extremely relieved by the lack of overly tanned fake boobs.

saturday night I had the following conversation with a stranger while on my way to meet a friend for dinner:

(I had noticed that the block was packed with people who were clearly waiting for something to begin)

me: "'scuse me, but can you tell me what's going on? is it the biker rally"
him: "no, it's the gay pride parade."
me: "really?! um... did they not realize that this wknd was biker wknd?"
him: "actually, it's always planned for the same wknd."
me: "on purpose?! get out. that is hilarious."
him: "more leather for everybody!"

(which led to much amusement on my part)

anyway, sat night was dinner + drinks with a friend, after which I fell asleep on top of my covers with all the lights on and my contacts still in. klassy, no? sun morning I had the BEST DIM SUM ever (in Austin! who knew?!) with my buddy Jordan. we were completely blown away by the amount of asian people in the joint... I mean seriously, where have these people been hiding? then I went to a wine-tasting, where I had to watch my intake so I wouldn't end up completely drunk on a sun afternoon.

the rest of the day passed with grocery-shopping, laundry, and errands... all in all, an excellent wknd, wouldn't you say?



At 8:25 PM, Blogger L Sass said...

EVERYONE should have a little leather in their life!

Glad you had such a good weekend.


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