Sunday, April 29, 2007

sheer dumb luck?

I drove Di to the airport around 3:15 this afternoon after a long wknd filled with excessive amounts of food, alcohol, and shopping. the road to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is quite familiar to me, since I've probably flown through there at least 20 times in the year that I've lived here... and the drop-off road in front of the terminals is quite familiar to me as well, since I've dropped off numerous buddies there after a long wknd of good times.

this afternoon's visit to ABIA started off like any other. head out from apt, take the short 15-minute drive to reminisce over the fabulous wknd, pull up to the curb in front of the Continental gate. pop trunk, help Di grab her bags, give her a big hug and then hop back into the rice rocket to go on my merry way (to work, which is where I am now). as I pulled out of my spot and eased back into the main flow of airport traffic, I went over the usual huge speed bumps and turned up my music as I drove toward the airport exit.

...except this time was different. because this time as I was rounding the curve that would bring me outside of the immediate drop-off area, I noticed that a cop turned his car around and began to follow me. not only did he begin to follow me, he turned on his sirens and tailgated the shit out of me. WTF? so I pulled over, put on my hazards and sat there, wondering what the hell I had done wrong in the 90 seconds or so since I had left the curb.

the officer (tall, white, sporting a yellow Live Strong bracelet) ambled up to my window and asked for my license and proof of insurance. as I was leaning over to oblige, I asked him what I had done wrong... and he informed that I had been pulled over for SPEEDING. apparently the area immediately in front of the airport has a speed limit of 15 mph, and I had been driving at the exorbitant speed of 25 mph. I apologized for the mistake and handed him my wrinkled proof of insurance and brand-new TX drivers' license, all the while thanking my lucky stars that I had decided to Do The Right Thing and pay the money to get a TX license that would match my TX tags (a recent acquisition, and only because my MD tags had expired)and TX insurance card (acquired on practically the first day I moved here because my rates went down when I moved here, heh).

someone must have been looking out for me, because not only did I get off with just a polite warning to "watch my speed, ma'am, and drive careful," but also because if I had decided to hang onto my MD license I would have been in major trouble. so, then, not only did I have a great wknd with Di (highlights included champagne cocktails + cheese @ hotel san jose, shopping for jewelry in my "SoCo" neighborhood, interior mexican food and margaritas @ manuel's, a relaxed viewing of bend it like beckham aka the best DVD ever, delicious breakfast tacos @ mi madre's, a long walk around the town lake trail, homemade margaritas by the pool at my apt, the most INCREDIBLE sushi ever @ uchi, cocktails in the warehouse district, make-up purchases @ sephora, hyde park bar and grill's famous fries and a root-beer float stop @ sonic), I got pulled over and only walked away with a warning! I feel like I need to go do something nice for someone else now to continue the cycle of good karma. anyone need a hand with anything? call me and I'll hook you up.

btw, friends, I'm on the road for the rest of the week to such exciting places such as "Pine Bluff Arkansas" and "McKinney Texas," which should be hilarious... I'll try and update as much as I can. in the meantime, peace out!


At 10:55 AM, Blogger L Sass said...

Pine Bluff, Arkansas??

Send us a postcard!

Sounds like you had a great weekend; after reading this, I realize that my weekend was severely lacking in margaritas.


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