Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend stories

so maybe it's presumptuous of me to assume that you care what I did this weekend... or maybe it's just a really boring story? but that is what I'm going to write about here, so... pls close your eyes if you think this post will bore you.

friday night was one of those "okayyy, twist my armmm, I'll come out for ONE DRINK and ONE DRINK ONLY" nights that turns into "hey! I'm drunk! when did that happen? wait! I've been drinking for four hours! heyyyy, who tricked me?" deals. the "one beer after a long day" plan quickly turned into a "drink with my work buddies for four hours and then go eat fish tacos afterward to sober up" situation.

saturday was deliciously lazy. I slept in late, spent the morning cleaning my apt and watched a horrendously bad movie on the Disney channel (princess diaries, in case you're wondering... I heart Julie Andrews and would seriously stab the doctor who screwed up her vocal chords with a butter knife if I ever came across him. that asshole. I mean seriously, you mess with fraulein maria, you're so asking for it). you know those days where you are really just craving some alone time? it was one of those times. eventually (around 3:00? 4:00? something like that), I decided that hey! maybe I should change out of my pajamas! and went for a quick run before meeting up with some buddies to watch a friend perform at the south asian festival here in town. she was fantastic, and the indian food they had was absolutely delicious... mmm... grilled chicken... beef biryani... chickpeas. yum.

sunday... hmm. sunday was a beautifully warm and sunny day. after saturday's incredible slothfulness, I decided to be productive. after some errands, a quick stop at the office and a long run on town lake, I met a friend downtown for the annual austin fine arts festival. there were several blocks of downtown austin that were blocked off with hundreds of artist booths, fresh food and live music (of course... it's austin). it was one of those sunny afternoons where it's cool in the shade but as soon as you step into the sunshine it feels like warm honey is dripping down your cheeks and shoulders. absolutely delicious. the rest of the night was spent doing some work and cooking dinner.

and thus another week begins. it promises to be a pretty hectic one, so apologies in advance if I'm not posting that often. today was already a pretty long day... one that could only be redeemed with a delicious homemade meal (thin pork chops, some asparagus spears, and red potatoes), a few large glasses of wine, and some quality television. cheers!



At 10:58 AM, Blogger L Sass said...

I wish that Julie Andrews would come sit by my bedside and read me a bedtime story every night.

Think she'd be interested?


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