Wednesday, April 25, 2007

in praise of my brilliant career choices

I must say, I gotta hand it to this guy, because he hit the proverbial home run with this brilliant gem about (my) bullshit jobs. [note my comments in brackets]

Advertising Executive

Create perceived need/value for inherently generic or worthless products [an excellent description of what I do for a living, although I must be a geek and argue that I am lucky enough to work on a great client whose products are definitely expensive but not necessarily generic nor entirely worthless]

$$: Ground-level workers with writing ability move quickly to the top, immediately snagging low to mid-six figures; those who can spin mythological concepts surrounding quotidian household objects can command up to seven figures. [very, very true about the power of being able to wax poetic about common household products. however, wtf is this about seven figures? someone's holding out on me here.]

The upside: Great expense account living [yes - mwahaha], see your handiwork everywhere [also a yes -- I am always keeping an eye out for ads that I've worked on], the wonderful feeling of being creative and corporate at the same time [yes again... I'm wearing jeans to work today and working with my feet up on my desk].

The downside: Must take meetings with the AFLAC duck. [I've luckily been spared from that ridiculous duck, but who knows what the future holds...]

The dark side: You're considered a dinosaur at forty. [very, very true. some may even consider me a wise old veteran at the ripe age of 26.]

here is a link to the page of awesome-ness, in which you can click on other bullshit jobs to see how you stack up.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger L Sass said...

Hee... If you ever do meet with the AFLAC duck, make sure to post a picture.


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