Tuesday, April 03, 2007

coming from a cultured, well-traveled 26 year old who loves to cook...

this is what i had for dinner for last night:

1) half a box of kraft macaroni and cheese
2) corn out of a can, heated up in the microwave
3) large glass of orange gatorade (i had just gone for a long run)

i attempted to "fancy it up" by adding some grated parmesan and shredded cheddar to the macaroni and cheese (for maximum cheesiness!) and then a few pats of butter and a dash of s&p to the corn...

...but that was my dinner, and honestly, if you didn't know me, you'd think i was a 12-year-old kid who's not allowed to use the stove instead of a woman who recently bragged about roasting her first whole chicken and making chicken soup from scratch.

i'm obviously a wee bit embarrassed... but... well... the truth... is that i enjoyed every (processed, pre-manufactured) bite. :)



At 10:20 AM, Blogger L Sass said...

Some times you just can't fight the Mac-and-Cheese urge!!

Occasionally, I will buy some PopTarts as a treat. I always end up thinking "What the heck am I eating!" and "These aren't even that good!"

I suppose this means we have well-rounded palates, right?

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Erica said...

kraft cheese & mmacaroni is the best. i am now regretting my dinner (currently simmering on the stove) and wishing I had some of that instead. sigh.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger The Muse said...

Stopped by from Amalah's page (you mentioned being in the advertising world, me too!)... and I am totally with you on the mac-n-cheese dinner. I had the same last week. And I am the type of person that gets all excited about buying my first springform pan (today) to make my first cheesecake (this weekend)...

Hello from Atlanta! :)


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