Monday, April 23, 2007

erm... is this thing on?

sorry for leaving such a doom-and-gloom rant-filled post up there for so long... I promise you that I am still alive and kickin' here in the ATX, just a bit swamped with being angry at work, the media, and the weather. but today is Monday, and a fresh opportunity to make it a kick-ass week instead of one in which my ass gets kicked, so let's be optimistic, shall we?

reasons to be optimistic:
  1. I painted my toenails pink on Fri night
  2. my lovely friend Paula is in town
  3. although I am much more likely to endure extreme suffering the next day, I can still booze with the best of them
  4. I bought kicky red shoes on Sat and am wearing them to work today
  5. my lovely friend Di is coming to town this Thurs
  6. I had delicious SONIC this wknd! old-fashioned root beer float for LESS THAN $2. oh how the mind boggles.
  7. I'm working on a new business pitch at work and I! love! new! business! the energy! the adrenaline! the pressure! the opportunity to show off! mwa ha ha bring it on people. I'm going to kick ass.

see? optimism? warm and gooey feelings? do I not overwhelm you with my sunshiny outlook? my happy red shoes and (hot-rollered into submission) curly hair? my health-conscious and nutritious snack of fresh orange wedges?

is it too much for you? crap. sorry, my fellow cynics, do not run away. here are some reasons to have a Serious Case Of The Mondays:

  1. yesterday's weather was all misty and undecided, like should I rain? yes? no? yes? no? hmm. I know! I'll just mist in the meantime and drive people crazy while they debate whether an umbrella is a) necessary or b) guaranteed to make the user look like a high-maintenance geek.
  2. the kicky red shoes I bought are slightly too big and make flapping sounds while I walk.
  3. Austin is known as a city with fantastic weather, where it's sunny nearly 300 days out of the year. this week's forecast? gray, stormy and unpredictable.
  4. am afraid that the looming piles of work will prevent me from spending quality time with the aforementioned lovely Paula and lovely Di. crap.
  5. the fresh orange wedges were a bit old and therefore a bit hard/crusty on the corners.
  6. the pressure of the new biz pitch (the first one I've worked here in ATX-land) just may be the death of me.

just choose your preferred list of reasons and roll with it, you know?


At 1:55 PM, Anonymous erica said...

Here's my version:

I'm not at work today! It's 75 degrees out!

I'm home with a sinus infection and haven't left the couch.


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