Thursday, January 11, 2007

also, because i am a nerd

i went to this awesome new restaurant last night called woodland. it's right in my oh-so-hip-and-austin soco neighborhood (78704!), and i came to work today determined to tell my fellow 78704-dwellers about it.

so what did i do? did i casually mention it during water cooler conversation? bring it up during post-meeting chit-chat? no, and no. instead, [see post title], i sent them an email about it and i am now going to share that email with you, my lovely three readers!

[can you tell that i'm procrastinating? can you? because i am. and as soon as the hellish dark swirling vortex known as back-to-back meetings starts in the next 30 mins, i am going to be so screwed.]

and thus i present you with my unofficial review of woodland restaurant:


to my fellow SoCo area-inhabiting friends:

in case you haven't already checked it out, last night I went to the new Woodland restaurant (toward the southern end of the strip near the Farm to Market organic grocery store) and I really liked it! the design is definitely a bit kitsch/theme (I mean come on, there's a freaking tree growing in the middle of the place) but it's still warm and inviting and I thought the food was pretty good.

you MUST order the southern friend oysters app -- battered oysters served with this amazing lemon serrano vinaigrette -- perfect light and kicky contrast to the batter. I also had a fantastic champagne cocktail called a French 75 and a delicious blue cheese burger with fries (which, oof. perfectly seasoned burger but I definitely felt a bit gross afterward).

there was a bit of a wait (about 30 mins?), which surprised me for a random Wed night but I'm guessing that people were anxious to check out the new kid on the block. we sat at the bar -- which had a great staff -- and then ended up in a cozy little booth.

anyway, just thought I'd pass that along!

yours in SoCo-area foodie-ism,

(who sometimes wishes she could be a restaurant reviewer for a living)


ONE IMPORTANT ADDITION: i forgot to mention in my e-mail review that the staff was all decked out in woodland-ish gear, e.g. flannel shirts or earth-colored tees, which amused me immensely.


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Will said...

Yesterday you had four readers; today three. What happened?

At 3:01 PM, Blogger jen said...

i'm not sure. perhaps they failed to heed my warning about removing their contacts after chopping onions. maybe it blinded them so blindly that they tripped while going up the stairs.

sad. methinks a moment of silence for that mysterious person X is in order.

this blog... is not only bullshit, it's educational bullshit! huzzah.

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Lauren T. said...

hey jen. I love your blog and miss you! wish i could have checked out woodland with you. do you know that Sumter, SC doesn't have a coffee house opened past 3 pm? i'm leading a very boring life so i'm living vicariously through you. so go out, do more things!

At 7:26 PM, Blogger jen said...

one thing's for sure, Lauren. if you had come to woodland with me and there had been some delicious broth involved:

WE WOULD HAVE DRANK THE F'ING BROTH, because we are hard core like that.

miss you too! hope all is well in the SC.


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