Saturday, December 23, 2006

remembering the alamo

i just got back from watching a movie at one of austin's famous and beloved alamo drafthouse movie theaters, and in case i haven't said it on here already, i completely heart the alamo and second its entertainment weekly award for being the best theater in america with hearty applause. they have stadium seating, movies for under $10 ($8 to be specific), quirky hipster servers who are actually quite friendly and are willing to scuttle through the dark theater at an angle so that they can bring you your FOOD and DRINKS that are quite tasty and reasonably priced without disturbing the movie in progress, funny pre-movie shows, comfortable chairs, and are just so austin you could die with the happiness of it all.

[and i haven't even mentioned the quirkiness that is the downtown drafthouse because, well, i'm lame and i haven't been there yet. that one is a little different, though, and they generally do special events more so than show regular movies. BUT! supposedly they sponsor sing-alongs (including LITTLE MERMAID sing-alongs; did i mention how much i love this place), videoke (like karaoke but to movies), comedians who comment on movies, theme nights (italian menu for da vinci code premiere), air guitar championships, etc, etc, etc.]

back to tonight, though -- i had a ROOT BEER FLOAT while i enjoyed my movie tonight, people! a root beer float! they have a long wine list, an enticing beer menu, a CANDY menu, gourmet pizzas, sandwiches, salads, various tempting desserts and a million different appetizers (last time i got hummus and falafel that were quite delicious, and tonight the chips and queso of the dude sitting next to me smelled completely amazing).

[happy sigh]

i think it's safe to say that when i leave austin i will definitely "remember the alamo."


on a side and completely unrelated note, why is it that the girls in bond movies always get the short end of the stick?... even the smart ones who are there for more than just sex appeal? they're always pawns in the man's game.


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