Thursday, January 04, 2007

procrastinator extraordinaire

i am being impressively unproductive at work today. the day has gone something like this:

  1. alarm goes off @ 7.
  2. i laugh and roll over and go back to sleep. screw the morning workout.
  3. i wake up @ 8, then go back to sleep.
  4. i wake up @ 8:10, then go back to sleep.
  5. i wake @ 8:20, then go back to sleep.
  6. etc, etc, etc until
  7. i finally get out of bed @ 9. oops.
  8. i drag my ass out of bed. sun is streaming in through the blinds and i've had plenty of sleep, but for some reason getting up is a major chore.
  9. i thank my lucky stars that i worked out last night and showered afterward, because this means that i can skip a morning shower.
  10. check blackberry. no major emails yet. hurray.
  11. get dressed, roll out.
  12. arrive at work, purchase breakfast taco and diet pepsi, breakfast of champions.
  13. proceed to waste about an hour wondering why my itunes isn't uploading my new song properly (i burned a bunch of data files to a CD last night but had trouble importing the songs into my itunes library -- any ideas??)

... and then decide to write in my blog instead of attending to the piles of work that are sitting around me. good times.

...but it's not a good post, it's actually just a list of brief phrases and then a photo essay about my new year's eve.

so, onto the pics, then?


1) someone with mad martini-making skillz

2) a core party team

3) someone raising the roof, er, i mean pillow?

4) a drunk dog (heh)

5) a pajama dance party


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