Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's all about the little things

a portion of my company recently had to move offices in order to accommodate the constantly-growing number of employees working for the Man here in austin. i'm now across the street from the main building in a smaller building with a completely different layout. the main con of this move is that i am forced to schlep back and forth btwn the buildings for all my meetings (since the majority of them still take place in the main building), blackberry, bottle of water, notebook and pen in hand. happily, there are also several pros:

first of all, i have an office with a door (perfect for all those days i just really want to curl up under my desk and take a nice little snooze). secondly, the new offices are conveniently located next to austin best bookstore and will soon be neighbors with REI and anthropologie. third and MOST important, the new office has an ESPRESSO MACHINE with free individual coffee packets and milk and sugar. this morning i made a steaming latte with lots of froth and am now sipping happily from a travel mug whilst sitting in my little office, listening to ray charles and getting some work done.


the plan is to bring in some syrups so we can get all fancy pants and start making vanilla hazelnut lattes.

... maybe i should change my title from "brand planner" to "barista extraordinaire."


At 4:48 PM, Anonymous erica said...

Congrats for having a door! That is big news! Just being able to close everyone else for a little bit can do wonders for your sanity.

FYI, dumping a packet of Swiss Miss into a plain cup of coffee makes a very nice poor man's mocha.


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