Thursday, August 31, 2006

so you don't think i've died, fat and alone, only to be discovered by wild dogs

$5 if you can name that movie!

just a two-second post to let you all know that i am off to gallivant around the world for a bit... am heading to munich for a combination biz/leisure trip. am actually going to try and post from munich but we shall see how that goes.

in the meantime, i will leave you with a few good books i've read lately, just to keep you all occupied:

1) beasts of no nation - new book, highly acclaimed. i didn't connect with it on a visceral level like i do with anything by jhumpa lahiri, who i heart forever and ever, but i still felt like it was an important read from a fresh new voice.
2) bonfire of the vanities - finally. i think tom wolfe is a talented writer/sociologist. his books require some slogging at times but they seem to be pitch-perfect depictions of a very specific slice in time.
3) the memory keeper's daughter - an interesting story that is a quick read. some good character development as well.

peace out


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