Thursday, August 24, 2006

my own version of chaotic

i once made the mistake of sitting down to watch an episode of "chaotic," the reality show celebrating the true love between gum-chomping-queen britney spears and vanilla-ice-wannabe k-fed. now, i've wasted plenty of time staring at the ceiling, sleeping late, "zoning out" at work (for you office space fans), surfing the internet... but those are definitely 60 minutes of my life that i want back.

anyway, i digress. the only reason i got all up on the chaotic thing is that it was the only word i could think of to accurately describe this day. it has been chaotic in the sense that i have had shitloads of work to do (and i'd like to point out that it is currently 7:49, i am still at work, i have tons to do before i can leave for the night -- yet i am sitting here, blogging away. my dedication to you people is truly limitless. either that or i have mastered the art of procrastination to the extent that i should be teaching a graduate-level class). i've had extreme emotional highs (am going on a biz trip to munich next week!!! holy crap yayyyy!!) and general feelings of "please kill me now" (omg, i can't party like i used to, i stayed out until 1:30 am last night and cannn't.... stayyy.... awaaaaake... at..... deeeeesk). i'm leaving at the butt crack of dawn tmw for a lovely little jaunt out of town, yet still have not packed nor decided what i need to do to comply with the TSA's latest lame attempts to pretend they are really doing their job (to sneak lotion onto the plane or no? that is the question).

hello, the muddle of the paragraph above is an illustration of what happens when you combine a lack of sleep, a slight hangover and a pile of work stress. mix well and throw at jennifer's brain. laugh at amusing results.

since i am too out of it to construct a proper sentence, i will leave you with a funny picture of some salsa dancers we saw when i was in south beach a few weeks ago:

if those are not the most ugly-ass tore-up hoes you've ever seen, i don't know what to tell you. this is miAmi, people!! home of scads of beautiful women!! and this is the best they could do!! good lord. plus, they were horrible dancers. pfft. i was not impressed.


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