Friday, June 09, 2006

not quite a gadget geek, but i'm trying

i've never really been an early adopter when it comes to technology. it's not that technology scares me or makes me uncomfortable or that i think it represents all things that are soul-less and evil. in fact, i find it fascinating that much of today's technology seems to represent the strange merging of a fundamental, inherent human need (the two-fold desire to feel connected to those around us and to have the ability to tune out and have me time) and a relatively post-modern societal trend (the need for instant gratification - faster, cheaper, and with less wires).

but i digress. my relative lack of all things gadget-esque merely represents the fact that i am too lazy to keep up with everything and also too cheap to spend my hard-earned money on gadgets (in case you were wondering, i'd rather spend it on travel, books, and good food). my cell phone? totally not bluetooth enabled and totally without a built-in camera. my digital camera? got stolen while i was living in DC and i still haven't replaced it. my internet access? stolen using my work laptop's wi-fi connection from my good friends "skeeter," "don'tworrybehappy," and "netgear."

now that i live alone in texas with slightly fewer friends and slightly more money than i had in DC, however, i'm finding that my take on all things technological may be shifting somewhat. i finally got digital cable and internet installed in my apt this morning, and this major accomplishment made me take a step back and reflect on all the electricity-loving products that now reside in my apt:
  1. a flat-screen TV
  2. a DVD player
  3. a netflix account
  4. a mini ipod
  5. a CD player in my car that has an auxiliary input for my ipod
  6. digital cable
  7. high-speed internet (not wireless though - lame, i know)
  8. a cell phone

not too shabby for a girl that just downloaded itunes a few weeks ago, eh? bad thing is that it's slowly becoming an addiction. i enjoy going to best buy. i am hell-bent on replacing my digital camera. i'm wondering if i should pony up and get wireless, and hell, that new-fangled tivo thing sounds pretty darn cool. i debate the merits of backing up all my files onto a USB pen thing. i wonder if i should spend some time making this blog look relatively attractive, with some sort of design scheme.

someone help me?


At 10:43 AM, Blogger McCoy said...

You should definitely get tivo - or the dvr service that gets offered by your cable provider. It changes the way you watch TV (for the better). You only watch what you really wanna watch (instead of channel surfing) and you skip most commercials. After that you need to buy a HDTV. That is all :)


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