Sunday, June 11, 2006

the texas summer has officially begun

it is officially hella-hot over here in texas-land. there were a few lovely spring days thrown in there that made me think the whole texas-summer thing was a bit overrated - silly me. the fierce, fierce sun has now descended, made itself comfortable, and decided to stay around a while.


the days dawn bright and sunny hot and pretty much stay that way until about 9 pm at night. while i must say it is lovely to be greeted with such a sunny morning every day (austin is sunny for 300 days of the year), i'm starting to wonder how i'm going to last this entire summer... i heard it gets even worse as summer progresses.

nevertheless, i am proud to let you all know that i had a very productive wknd, incredible heat notwithstanding. friday night was one of those "let's meet for a drink after work" nights that quickly descend into a fun and boozy haze. got a little more flavor of the austin nightlife - several glasses of wine and way too many delicious tapas @ malaga to start, girly martinis and flirty bartenders @ apple bar to continue, and then the lamest, cheesiest club vicci to finish. think unattractive girls in CFM boots (come-fuck-me-boots, for the uninitiated among you) with bad dance moves gyrating in cages and oddly-clad people dancing awkwardly on a large dance floor. fortunately, we were tipsy enough at this point where this was more amusing than irritating, so a good time was had by all.

saturday dawned bright and early (of course), and i met a friend at the austin farmer's market to sample delicious homemade pestos and purchase thick, juicy tomatoes. we headed to brunch once the heat started getting a little too hard-core (combined with the lack of food, sleep, and dehydration from drinking too i guess) and then window-shopped at these posh downtown furniture stores. they had beautiful designs, but the price tags were just ridiculous... at this one store, i was seriously checking out these gorgeous pale blue bed linens that were incredibly soft and luxurious-feeling. the saleswoman (who was really very nice) was singing their praises when i finally woke up from my high-thread-count-induced-stupor and asked for the price. she very helpfully informed me that i could bundle everything and get a duvet cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases, and pillow shams together instead of paying a-la-carte... and that for a queen bed, the price would be $975.


it was really hard to keep a straight face.

anywho. all of the activity and high prices made me sleepy, so sat afternoon was mostly spent napping and chatting on the phone with buddies... and then sat night was spent out at bars again, actually, although this time with a different co-worker and with fairly different results. it's not that it was horrible or anything - i'm willing to try anything once - but i definitely had more fun on fri, both with the company and the locales. oh well, you win some and lose some i guess.

today was "let's focus on the apartment" day, with vacuuming and cleaning and more unpacking of boxes and putting up of a few pictures and finally assembling some bookshelves and assessing my (ever-present) furniture needs. i went to target, of course, and even ordered a few things online and am waiting for the delivery of my new stuff with bated breath. 'twas a good, productive day, complete with a visit to the gym and an expensive trip to the grocery store (how is it possible that one person can spend so much money on groceries?)... and even a blog post! and time spent doing some work! that i am totally avoiding right now by blogging, actually, so i guess i should just hop to it already. bring on the week! funny to realize that i'm actually (gasp!) going to be in austin for an entire week...


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