Thursday, June 01, 2006

on the road again

the weekend is upon me. the weekend of my friend debbie's wedding and a return to my beloved DC and the chance to catch up with family and friends, which will segue directly into a three-day business trip to NYC and chi-town.

so then. it is currently 9 p.m. on thursday night, and i have to leave my apartment to drive to austin bergstrom international airport in approximately seven hours and 15 minutes.

yet have i...
  1. figured out what i'm wearing to the rehearsal/wedding?
  2. figured out where i'm going to meet my lovely friends in DC?
  3. figured out what i need for my three-day biz trip?
  4. figured out how to condense a wknd's worth of nice clothes and a three-day business trip's worth of professional clothes/laptops/notebooks/etc. into ONE CARRY ON BAG so that the airline demons that screwed me with a 30-minute connection time do not further screw me with lost luggage?
  5. managed my time wisely so that i can get a decent night's sleep in the comfort of my own bed instead of relying on fitful naps aboard a tiny and loud puddle jumper plane?

i think one guess should suffice.


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