Thursday, May 25, 2006

thoughts on the whole blogging thing

in case you've been living under a rock, blogs are not new. blogging is not some random new hobby for a select few. bloggers are not a rare and unusual breed that only travel in certain circles. the blogging community is, in fact, a legitimate group of individuals from all walks of life. there are all kinds of blogs, blogs about people's kids or blogs about politics or blogs about celebrities or stupid blogs about what people ate for dinner (although i really had a fantastic dinner last night. a classic stir-fry. yum). there are even people out there whose blogs are so popular that the on-site advertising is lucrative enough to feed their families.

and then there's me, a relative newcomer to all of this. i don't spend tons of time making this blog uber-special (as evidenced by the noticeable lack of interesting graphics). i don't make it uber-personal, it's not uber-political, nor does it have some uber-important theme (although i guess you could say that i am sometimes uber-repetitive... man, aren't i just uber-funny?). it's more so just a motley collection of my ramblings and random updates on what i'm doing here in austin... with the intent of keeping friends and family in the loop on my new life.

but it's still weird to think that my words are out there for anyone to see. people who don't know me that well and misunderstand my posts... people who think i'm lame and just lurk around on my blog to laugh at me and my silly exploits... people who are just bored at work and would rather read random blogs than do real work (hi chris)...

all of which is why i keep this blog relatively superficial (blogging lite, if you will...?). i don't necessarily pour our my heart and my soul for anyone with a decent broadband internet connection to enjoy. there are bloggers out there, however, who do just that - turn themselves inside out and write with crazy raw emotion and honesty and a clear sense of voice. they develop an audience of thousands and thousands of readers that log on every day to see what they're up to and what they have to say about it. they write posts like these that bare their soul to the scrutiny of the entire world.

and to be honest, i find it to be fascinating - this weird combination of extreme narcissicism and admirable courage. it's really odd to feel an emotional connection with the typed words of some stranger, because there was so much about that post that i related to (although i'm not nearly as bitter about it all, b/c honestly i'm just too lazy to feel that strongly about it). but hell freaking no, i would have never written something like that on a blog. it's just so... personal, and fascinating, and... odd. yet so well-written, and interesting to think about.

anyway. i have no thought-provoking conclusion or neat little bow with which to wrap up this rand0m-ass post.

in lieu of that, i will just inform you that this concludes the interruption in your programming, and i now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging lite...


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