Wednesday, April 12, 2006

and the parade of random cars continues

today i went in to drop off my car to repair the damage from this wknd's little four-car incident. this means, of course, that i need a rental while my car is being fixed.

so, for the latest episode of the "what kind of car is jen driving now?" show, i bring you...


(my first photo upload on blogger! aren't you proud?)

in a description from
Chevrolet has introduced the more rugged-sounding Uplander, a "crossover sport van" based on the outgoing Venture's chassis. Compared to the Venture, the Uplander takes on a taller stance and chunkier front fascia more evocative of a truck. The result, Chevy hopes, is a perception that the van is more of a hip and stylish SUV-like van, and not so much a boring soccer mom van.

so it's not REALLY a minivan, it's a crossover sport van.

that doesn't make it any less hilarious, trust me. it's a bit hard to park, but it makes me laugh, so i don't really mind. i was especially amused when the enterprise guy (who had no other cars to give me) told me that you can watch DVDs in the backseat, which will come in handy for all of my non-existent children. maybe i can put in some DVDs to entertain my bike, which is currently residing back there? maybe "lance armstrong's greatest moments" or smthg? to inspire said bike?

plus!!! i can once again listen to my beloved jammin' 105.9!!! (i still haven't replaced the stereo in the integra)

in the last two months, i have driven:

  1. a toyota corolla while my car was being repaired for damage in my fender-bender with mr. illegal cabbie man back in DC (i wonder what happened to him)
  2. a dodge neon on my last few days in DC when my integra had already been picked up to go to austin (total piece of crap)
  3. a buick rendezvous SUV for my first few days in austin while i waited for the integra to be delivered (totally pimped out and lots of fun to drive)
  4. a chevy HHR (PT cruiser wannabe) for the next chunk of my time in austin while i waited for the integra to be delivered and then for a stupid key to be made (kind of a weird car but i got really used to it)
  5. and now, a chevy uplander.

as soon as i get my check from the adjusters, i'm going to have to take my car in AGAIN to repair all the damage from being schlepped halfway across the country by a bunch of incompetent morons... wonder what kind of car i'll get then??? oh, the suspense...!


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