Thursday, March 23, 2006

my first visitor (first of many, i hope?)

yesterday (a mere eight days into my atx experience), i was graced by a visitor! for me! in texas! the esteem'd visitor was none other than my very own dad, who was in san antonio for a work conference and drove up to austin to make sure his dear daughter hadn't been body-snatched by the texans.

(meanwhile, a hop, skip, and an ocean away, my mom and my bro are rendezvous-ing in vienna, which makes, like, complete sense b/c my mom is in europe with her high school girlfriends and my brother lives in europe, so, like, duh. vienna it is.)

(hi. welcome to my family. we like to travel to random locales to meet up with each other instead of convening at oh, say, home.)

(i also tend to use too many parentheses.)

it was nice to see a familiar face and catch up with my pops over dinner, etc., but i felt bad b/c i was somewhat distracted by the EXTREME AND UTTER PAIN that the work day had inflicted upon my brain. he didn't seem to mind, though, b/c he seemed pretty pooped himself. maybe it had something to do with the late and raucous night he had had with three high school buddies the night before, where they went out to eat and then went to a karaoke bar and drank $150 bottles of johnnie walker blue label into the wee hours.

and you wonder where i get it from.

oh, and as for the aforementioned brain pain. work is great and interesting and fresh and fun but a wee bit overwhelming too. there's a pretty steep learning curve and a heavy workload... i'm sure it'll get better as i get more up to speed and more confident on my businesses, but when you combine those things with the typical new-job desire to show 'em what you got it all gets a bit hairy. and when you throw in the apt hunt on top of that, it moves beyond a bit hairy to a full-fledged afro situation. ack, gah, etc.

ok, i really must go and comb through my mess...

(sorry, i couldn't resist. really. yikes. the hair-themed jokes, they just keep growing and growing.)


At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Erin said...

Well, I finally caught up on the comings and goings of JJKim in that foreign land known at Texas :) Miss you, girl and love the notes about food, "colorful language", and radio stations... sounds like I need that station!
Have a great friday, darlin' (that's a little texan talk for you!)

At 1:46 PM, Anonymous TT said...

so what the F are you trying to say about Afros!


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