Tuesday, March 14, 2006

ATX: day 1

so, here i am. austin, texas - or as the locals seem to say, ATX. anyone who knows me knows that i am a sucker for random acronyms (occasionally to the point of ridiculousness), so despite the naysayers among you that will say "ATX" is completely lame, i say too bad, bring on the acronyms! i now live in ATX!

day one was a blur of driving around, getting lost, getting lost again, getting sucked into a project runway marathon (i think i liked daniel V best overall but agree that chloe's final collection was the best), wandering around aimlessly at a huge, cavernous grocery store and purchasing random unnecessary food items (one of my favorite things to do), and then drinking wine in my corporate apt while chatting on the phone w/various buddies (hi EO!).

and now for the TX observation of the day: these texans really do believe in bigger is better, and i find myself wondering if i will soon become a convert to this crazy religion. i present you with exhibit A:

my car back home, affectionately referred to as the little red rice rocket (which should be getting delivered soon):

my rental car here in ATX, a.k.a pimped out luxury buick rendezvous SUV with only 315 miles which, when i turned on the radio, started blaring nelly and then outkast out of the radio (i think the car has a soul of its own):

*EDIT* i tried to upload pics of each car but that didn't work out too well. alas. the point is still valid though...

anyway, i'm off to pursue my continued texas education. and btw (witness proof of acronym obsession), my internet access is a bit spotty for now so i may not be posting all that often. or i may get sick of this blogging thing and stop posting altogether. we'll see what happens...


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