Wednesday, March 15, 2006

iiii, i got work to doooo... i got work to do (echo), i got a job babe (whoa-oh-oh)

in my obsession over the food, i forgot to mention that today was also my first day on the job. it was a good first day overall, although a bit overwhelming. more details another time, but for now i'll tell you that i'm sitting next to a self-professed "bitchy queen" in an open-plan work area. i have shiny new laptop and i had my first meeting today in a conference room called the "green room" because one whole wall is covered in bright green artificial grass.

the piece de resistance? (apologies to my fellow francophiles who are noticing the last of accents - i'm not quite sure how to put them in.) there was even a fake little pile of plastic turds in the corner of the grass. how realistic, no? i didn't check if it was a scratch-n-sniff situation but if it was, wow, wouldn't you agree that it would take things to the next NEXT level?

a few quick housekeeping items:
  1. i am ecstatic to announce that i finally have internet access at home, although by "internet access" i mean that i need to schlep my work laptop home with me in order to "borrow" from one of my neighbors' unsecured wireless networks. but, hurray! hopefully this means i will actually this blog-deal going.
  2. a couple of you asked about how to post comments on this. i think all it is is that you have to create an account on and then you can leave me comments. i don't think it takes long and i don't think they bother you or anything, so pls do! i would love comments.
  3. i will prob be changing my mailing address in a week or so (switching units in my complex so i'm no longer on the ground floor), so if you need to get in touch w/me via snail mail let me know and i'll fwd you the new deal.

i now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging...


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