Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a post about food

surprised? of course not. :) i'd just like you all to know that tonight i met the hilarious and fantastic mary lorraine for drinks/snacks. for the mere price of $17 (including tip) i was able to indulge in a light and crispy spinach and mushroom quesadilla with a deliciously tangy balsamic reduction sauce, some creamy but delicate crap dip with a jalapeno kick and fresh pita triangles, and two fantastic blackberry martinis. happy hour at this swank joint lasts from 5 p to 9 pm with live jazz music.

wait... can i repeat that please? 5 to NINE?! all that for $17?! come again?!

for lunch, i went over to the flagship whole foods store and was overwhelmed by not only the crowds of ppl but a ridiculous plethora of gastronomic delights, from wood oven-fired pizza to fresh sushi to tantalizing hot food to the world food bar (today's special: indian delights) to "live foods" (wheatgrass smoothies and the like) to made-to-order gourmet sandwiches, etc etc etc. here's the embarrassing part: i was in such major sensory overload that i ended up purchasing... a pre-made sandwich and chips. :( i know, i know, i let you all down and i'm sorry. but, um, the chips were gourmet...?

ahh, austin. so far you have welcomed me with your fantastically gourmet but also fantastically affordable food options. and your four-hour long happy hours. and your super pimped-out 2006 luxury SUVs.

TX observation of the day: TX roads are really, really odd. all the highways have "access roads" that you drive on where you're driving parallel to the highway but you're not actually ON the highway. you drive along these access roads to get on the highways but you can drive on these access roads for as long as you want. what the F? they really do things their own way here...


At 1:39 PM, Anonymous joyce said...

i love that three of my best friends have blogs about food. they are all asian women. coincidence? i think not.


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