Monday, March 20, 2006

weekend in review

a few things that stick out in my mind from my first wknd in austin:
  • experiencing MAJOR STICKER SHOCK while apt hunting. apparently my pipe dreams of living it up in a ridiculously posh apt in atx are just that, pipe dreams. current debate is revolving around whether to just pay up to live in a nice place and be done with it already or keep on stalking craig's list in an attempt to find smthg more affordable that is still cute and safe (although maybe not so posh).
  • going to a bar by myself. my one friend austin friend was out of town and there was a singer that i wanted to see, so i went... by myself. i actually had a pretty decent time (always good to make friends with bartenders and bar owners), but it's odd having no friends. anyone have people in austin they want to introduce me to?
  • feeling EXTREME HATRED towards the stupid fucking car delivery company (see? potty mouth not entirely gone yet) for managing to lose THE ONLY ORIGINAL KEY to my car and delivering my beloved little acura with a big fat dent above the front right wheel, a chunk missing from the plastic that connects the right mirror to the body, and a new door ding in the passenger side door. the car is now sitting in my corporate housing parking lot, useless b/c they haven't tracked down my key, and sad b/c its already-damaged body is even more damaged.
  • oh, and i finally saw wedding crashers. rachel mcadams? totally gorgeous. owen wilson's crooked nose? really distracting. and vince vaughn? should have moved into the frat house. he would SO fit right in. the movie overall? funny, but didn't quite live up to all the hype for me.

oh, and that 10-minute commute? not so much. apparently the fact that UT's 50,000 students are back from spring break has a significant effect on the rush hour commute... but not to worry, the 20 minute "austin rush hour" commute still beats the tysons-DC commute on any day of the week.

also? the weather today? mid-70s, warm, sunny, with a cool breeze tossed in for good measure. i went to lunch with my two mgrs (where i had the best fish tacos, yum) and we had ice cream after. i was very, very happy. fish tacos and amy's ice cream (austin's answer to maggie moo's, possibly even better b/c they have alcoholic flavors like guinness, which sounds kinda gross really) make for a largely decent monday.


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