Wednesday, February 07, 2007

focus on the positive

as you probably guessed by the lack of updates, I have been locked away in a scary, scary place known as "work hell OMG stress stress kill self now." yesterday was one of the most infuriatingly frustrating days I've had since I started at this company nearly one year ago, and I went home feeling angry and annoyed and altogether rather dejected.

but! today is another day! and despite the fact that I still have a million changes to make to this presentation before I can send it to my client tonight, I am going to take a moment and try to improve my attitude by sharing two fantastically positive things that happened to me today:

the weather forecast for Austin, TX for Wednesday, 2/8/07 is sunny with a high of 77 degrees. I am currently wearing a knee-length skirt, short-sleeved sweater and light jean jacket, and almost regretted wearing the jean jacket when I walked outside to go pick up some lunch. HAHAHA SUCK IT east coast buddies. you so want to be here right now.

as I soaked in as much sun as possible during the brief walk over to Whole Foods, I agonized over what exorbitantly-priced lunch item I was going to buy today. gourmet sandwich? salad? sushi? a hot bar selection? chowder? what? I ended up going to the Asian bar and getting some hot udon noodle soup with spinach and shiitake mushrooms. I headed to the check-out line, ready to fork over my Whole Paycheck for one measly lunch, and absently went through the motions of swiping my debit card, no thanks, I don't need cash back, etc. it wasn't until I was back at my desk and clearing away the remains of my lunch (verdict: acceptable enough to satisfy the Asian flavor craving--especially with a few healthy sprinkles of the spicy powdery stuff that came with it--but after a few back-to-back meals from WF everything unfortunately starts to taste the same) that I saw the receipt she had tucked into my bag and realized that my lunch had only cost me $1.35. huh?!?! I'm guessing the poor guy charged me for the extra $1.35 for shiitake mushrooms but forgot to include the actual udon price. I felt bad for about .3 seconds before I realized that they have somehow managed to wrangle about 68% of my annual wages from me... and subsequently relished in my victory.

it's all about the small things, people.


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous erica said...

what's up with the random comment #1?

anyway, i'm glad that the weather is nice, but you can SUCK IT BACK because not only will i be in austin in a little over a week to enjoy said weather, but today the nasty east coast weather brought me a snow day. yahoo for me!

hope the work stress is subsiding soon...

At 5:36 PM, Blogger jen said...

i think it was comment spam. it just got deleted like a little punk ass bitch.

At 6:53 PM, Anonymous jordan said...

hey, i'm applying for a job over at whole foods. maybe i can get you the hook up....but i doubt it.


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